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Hey folks, I'm
Darrell KIDJO Software Engineer Soloprener

When I'm not immersed in a customer project, I'm developing tools to make daily life more efficient and enjoyable.

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Projects I work on


2022 - 2024


I managed a development team using technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Laravel and React JS. I wrote project specifications and managed the company's stand at African Microfinance Week 2023, which increased our customer portfolio. I also deployed and improved the GPR tool, including the design of the GPRBot, which earned us a 3rd place Digital Creativity Award.

2022 - 2023

Mobile DeveloperGlobal IT Service (GITS) - Remote working

I created a mobile application for Eden-TV and Diaspora FM using Dart, Flutter and Firebase. I integrated the Figma design and deployed the application on the Play Store.

2020 - 2022

Mobile and FullStack web Developer SICMA & ASSOCIES

I developed a mobile application using Java, native Android, and a web application in PHP, CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, JS and XAMPP, serving as the back-office for the TONDi digital tontine application. I also added functionalities to the TONDi application and supervised testing on the GPR customer complaint management software.


2017 - 2020

Software engineeringBachelor’s degree

Relevant coursework: Oriented Object Programming, Web technologies, Native mobile technologies, Project management, Algorithmic


BAC CBaccalaureate

I completed my BAC C (Scientific Baccalaureate) in my final year of high school, paving my way into university.

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